I use Python as a glue between programs. I use it as well to produce graphics and export results to LaTeX. Recently, I started using it to do animated graphs. Below are a couple of examples to perform certain tasks.

My preferred distribution of Python for computing is Annaconda. Easy to install and provides a ton of libraries useful for my work.

I intend on populating this page with code. Just be patient.

  • Transforming a K-year transition matrix into a J-year transition matrix (, markov.pdf)
  • Teaching expected utility and the risk premium (using Bokeh)


I use Fortran as my main programming languages to solve dynamic programming models and sometimes for estimation as well. More to come.


I learned Econometrics using Stata. Hence, I still use Stata, mostly to clean data, do reduced form econometrics. Here is an example of how to create a latex table from some statistics in Stata (as a bonus how to use natlib as well). There are great commands out there such as esttab and outreg. But for custom tables, it is useful to understand the underlying way of writing to files.