Welcome – Bienvenue

I am a Professor of Economics at HEC Montréal, the Business School Affiliated with the Université de Montréal (UdM). I co-lead a research chair on the economics of demographic change (CEDIA, cedia.ca) along with Guy Lacroix (U Laval) and Raquel Fonseca (UQAM).

Most of the work I do, in particular work relevant to public policy in Québec, appears on the Chair’s website (cedia.ca) or at CIRANO (cirano.qc.ca). Moreover, all working papers are indexed at IDEAS (ideas.repec.org). Google gives you a profile of my citations.

You will find code in various language as well as some replication material for some of the work I do. I have also posted slides and notes from classes I have thought. The collection of programs is thin right now but I intend on populating these pages in the future.